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4 Tips for Getting Your First Tattoo

Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Tips for Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is very exciting, but it is also a big commitment. When getting your first tattoo, it is important to be prepared and know what to expect. If you plan to get your first tattoo in the near future, use the following tips. Explore Your Options Most cities have a number of tattoo shops and many talented tattoo artists. Take the time to check out a few shops and look at the work that different artists have done. You will also want to look at public records for the shop that you like best to make sure that there have not been any health violations. It is also a good idea to remember that you often get what you pay for—consider a shop’s reputation and the skills and experience of your tattoo artist instead of just basing your decision on the best price. Don’t Be in a Rush While you may be eager to get your first tattoo, don’t rush the design process. Most tattoo artists put a lot of effort into creating a sketch of your tattoo so you can review it before the tattooing process begins. Don’t be afraid to share exactly what you want and ask for changes if you are not completely satisfied with the sketch.  Prepare Yourself Mentally Tattoos are beautiful works of art, but getting a tattoo is not the most enjoyable experience. It is a good idea to go into the situation knowing that you will most likely experience some discomfort and that there may be a little bit of bleeding. Prepare yourself mentally and have a plan to distract yourself and stay relaxed while you are getting your first tattoo. Follow Aftercare Directions Carefully For the beauty of your tattoo and for your health, it is extremely important to follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your tattoo artist. While the surface of your tattoo is healing, you will need to wash the area several times a day with warm water and soap and then apply a thin layer of lotion designed for use on new tattoos. Never pick at your new tattoo or pull off scabs, as this can damage the tattoo or even cause an infection. In the event that you notice signs of an allergic reaction to the ink or an infection in the skin, seek immediate medical attention. If cared for properly, the majority of tattoos heal completely in a short amount of time.  Talk to a shop such as The Ink Lab for more...

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Having Fun While Minimizing Real Fear In A Haunted House

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Having Fun While Minimizing Real Fear In A Haunted House

Haunted houses are a fun way to have some Halloween fun by creating a little artificial fear in a controlled environment. However, if you fall a victim to real fear or panic, haunted houses can become terrifying. Here is how you can have fun in a haunted house without experiencing true terror. Expect Something Around Every Corner In a haunted house, a brooding atmosphere is created by tapping into our fear of the unknown. People are almost instinctively afraid of things that are new or which they don’t understand. One of the best ways that you can balance out that fear in a haunted house is by expecting something to pop up just around every corner. So every time you see a door, a window, or a curve in the house, expect something to pop out. This expectation is a large part of the fun of a haunted house, and tapping into it is crucial for avoiding falling a victim to real fear or panic. Take Advantage Of Quiet Moments Haunted houses are designed to pull you through a thrill ride from one peak to the next, which creates a very specific rhythm. There isn’t a lot of time to just sit and relax, but there should be several quiet moments spread throughout. These are designed to be a “calm before the storm” (i.e. a relaxing moment before the next big scare is sprung on you). Take advantage of these quiet moments by gathering your wits and preparing for the next scare. Though there’s no telling what it might be, you can usually anticipate that something is going to be happening pretty soon. Just don’t let the spooky music and atmosphere get to you. Calming Potential Panic Attacks As you move through the haunted house, a sense of fear might start to develop and potentially become severe enough to become a panic attack. A good haunted house will have an emergency crew that can help out anyone that suffers from this problem, but it is one that is important to avoid if you want to have real fun in a haunted house. The trick is to acknowledge that your panic is building, accept it, and work toward making yourself more comfortable. This may require laughing during “scares” or repeating calming breathing exercises. Remember, haunted houses are a fun experience and nobody in there is going to hurt you. By following these simple steps, you can have the kind of fearful excitement that only haunted houses can offer. Try bringing along a group of friends to further increase your courage and to have a support group in case things do get too...

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Simple Catering Strategies When You Decide To Go It Alone

Posted by on Jun 27, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Simple Catering Strategies When You Decide To Go It Alone

If you have an event coming up and are opting-out of calling a caterer, try some tips to make the experience a bit easier. There are some great tricks and tactics, used by professional caterers, which can help you pull-off a catered affair just like a pro. Some tips to help you cater your event like an expert are: Rent the right stuff. Make things easy on yourself by renting out your tables, chairs, linens, and even dishes. Don’t spend time looking around for extra chairs or worry about pressing tablecloths; contact a party rental company and let them drop off and deliver goods at your venue. This will also give your affair a polished, uniform appearance, and is how the pros find all of the culinary tools and supplies that they need for an event. Rent table and chairs to make your event spectacular.  Food stations are a hot catering trend. A chic alternative to the traditional buffet is emerging, and food stations are a tasty trend right now. Set up stations of toppings, condiments, and sides for guests to serve themselves; this brings a casual, interactive air to the event and allows guests to prepare and fix their food exactly the way that they want. Create a signature cocktail for your event. Keep things simple and curb the cost of alcohol at your event by creating a signature cocktail. Choose one that can be made in pitchers, so that you don’t need to hire a bartender to stand by during your event. Offer guests this signature drink, wine, or water to keep things simple and quench your guests’ thirst. Ask for a little help. Catering even a small dinner party can involve a lot of work so be sure to hire some help for your event. Try to prep food and dishes ahead of time so that you won’t be tied up in the kitchen during the event, and make sure you delegate someone the task of greeting and serving your guests. Keep things simple. Perhaps the most valuable piece of advice when catering an event is to keep things simple. Don’t try to make everything from scratch; it is perfectly fine to buy some things already prepared or to limit the courses to two or three. After all, most of your guests are more interested in seeing you than in what they will be eating. Hosting a catered affair can run up your budget, and you can save a lot of money if you cater it yourself. Try these tips to help you feed a crowd, while still pulling together a professional and tasty event....

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Piano Shopping 101: 4 Helpful Tips For Buying Used

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Piano Shopping 101: 4 Helpful Tips For Buying Used

A piano is a great addition to any household. Not only are pianos are classic and elegant, they are also educational and fun to play. If you are interested in purchasing a piano for your home, but you cannot afford to buy a new one, don’t worry. Used pianos are a lot more affordable and often just as good as new ones. But before you purchase just any used piano, make sure you keep these four tips in mind to ensure you get a beautiful and functional piano: 1. Storage Matters Before purchasing a used piano, make sure you know where it has been stored. Pianos are large, but they shouldn’t be stored in a basement or storage unit; these areas are often high in humidity and that can cause the piano to warp. Even if there isn’t any visible warping on the outside of the piano, the soundboard on the interior of it may be warped and non-functional. To be extra sure that the piano is functional, be on the lookout for rotting wood either inside or outside; as any sign of rotting means that the piano may not work properly. 2. Tuning and Sound Another thing you should know before purchasing the piano is if it has been tuned routinely. In general, pianos need to be tuned on a schedule to ensure they work and sound right. Additionally, if it hasn’t been tuned the soundboard may begin to warp. Even if it has been tuned on a routine schedule, it might help to bring along a piano tuner to ensure that it is tuned properly—or that it can be tuned. 3. Maintenance You should also ask to receive copies of maintenance receipts. Pianos are complicated instruments and they need to have maintenance performed on them regularly. Maintenance generally includes cleaning, tuning, and other assorted tasks. While a non-professional certainly can perform maintenance, the chances of the piano incurring internal damage are much higher. 4. Piano History Finally, make sure you know the history of the piano. How many owners has it had? How often was it moved? If the piano has gone through several owners and moves, it might not be in very good condition. Depending on the locations, it might have been disassembled to get into tight areas. Additionally, it might have undergone some serious stress from a lot of play or extreme weather fluctuations. Ideally, you want a piano that has had minimal owners and moves; as this will ensure it is in the best possible condition. Purchasing a used piano can save you a lot of money. However, you must inspect it and be vigilant to ensure that it works properly. If you haven’t purchased a used piano before, keep these tips in mind when you go shopping at a place like Gavin Piano Services...

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Essential Guidelines For Casino First Timers

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Essential Guidelines For Casino First Timers

Traveling to a San Diego Casino for the first time can be intimidating. You’d love to try your hand at winning the jackpot, but you don’t want to spend too much money too quickly. There are a few guidelines you should follow when getting your feet wet while gambling. Set A Budget If you are traveling to a casino for the first time, keep in mind that while there might be odds that you will hit it big, there’s also a chance that you might leave empty-handed. Determine how much money you are willing to spend and only bring this with you. Leave debit and credit cards behind. Select a game that has a very small bet amount. Find out ahead of time exactly what games are played at the casino. If you have never played a specific game, practice online or with an experienced friend before wagering actual money. Pick The Right Casino Many gamblers will start at a casino hotel because it is the first casino they see. These casinos are convenient because there are many other attractions that are not far away. However, a strip casino might be a good option because they are less frequented and are quieter. If you are planning on heading to casinos regularly, it is not a bad idea to find a casino that you prefer. That way, you can become used to how the games are played at the casino and you can use a member’s card to get discounts the more frequently you play. The more you play, the more free food you receive and the greater the access to amenities you receive. Play The Easier Games The easiest games to start with are the slot machines. You simply pull the lever and you receive a payout if you win. However, after you have been to a casino a few times, you may wish to try more challenging games that will give you more of a house edge. If you want to increase your chances of winning, the best option is to play blackjack. You need a number that is better than the dealer’s number without going over 21. Ask For Help The best time to head to a casino as a novice is when it is less busy. Usually, dealers will take more time explaining how the game works if you are one of a handful of players. Still, you should practice blackjack with friends before heading to the casino for the first time....

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How To Protect Oil Paintings

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Protect Oil Paintings

Whether you are moving locations and want to take your oil paintings with you or have small children and need to keep fingerprints off your paintings, you need to make sure that these paintings are protected. You likely spent a great deal of money on them and they probably have a high level of sentimentality for you. Here are some tips for protecting your oil paintings so that you can make sure that they look great for years. 1. Use Varnish Take your oil painting to a professional to have a coating of varnish applied. This clear varnish will essentially create a waterproof and smudge-proof layer between everyone looking at the painting and the painting itself. Having it will decrease the chances that your painting will be ruined by sticky fingers. This type of protection is also extremely flexible and will move as the painting ages and expands or contracts, allowing full coverage to be in place all the time. 2. Clean the Varnish Regularly In order to decrease the chances that your varnish will get old, become brittle, and crack against the oil, you are going to need to make sure that you clean the painting regularly. If you have a very old painting, you might want to leave this job to a professional. If not, use a vacuum cleaner to carefully remove any dust and debris from both the front and the back of the canvas. Then, start at one of the corners of the canvas. Moisten a q-tip in a small cup of water and move in small circles to clean anything that might be stuck to the vanish. Keep moving in small circles until you have cleaned the entire painting. This will both protect the painting and keep the varnish from becoming discolored. 3. Get the Right Frame You want to frame canvases in order to make sure that you provide an additional level of support and keep them from bending inwards. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right type of frame. The frame obviously needs to fit the dimensions of the canvas, but it also needs to be as thick as the canvas or thicker in order to provide the highest level of support possible. Using mirror clips to secure the frame to the canvas will allow the canvas to expand and contract over time without becoming damaged. For more information, talk to a company that sells original oil paintings (like Silverman...

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It’s The Wild, Wild West At Your Wedding

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on It’s The Wild, Wild West At Your Wedding

Planning a western-style wedding doesn’t have to be filled with cowboy boots and horseshoes. Today’s western-inspired weddings are classy but fun affairs that invite guests and bridal party members alike to relax and enjoy the nature around them. Here are a few ways to give your wedding a wild west feeling. Unique Seating Areas One of the hot trends in weddings right now is the use of traditional indoor furniture at the reception venue or at an outdoor wedding. For a wild west wedding, this means upholstered parlor chairs and sofas, wooden coffee tables and rustic or Victorian floor lamps in the central party area. Many of these themed furniture pieces can be rented along with traditional reception tables and chairs. Then, create a separate ‘outdoor space’ where guests can enjoy the outdoors or the night sky with hay bales stacked to make seating areas with pillows and throw blankets. By encouraging your guests to make use of different areas with different feelings, you can give any space an old western feel. Wood and Drapes  The best venue for a wild west wedding is a large, barn-style facility with high ceilings and exposed wooden beams. Small white lights strung around the venue add ambiance without requiring a lot of extra expense. If your western wedding is outdoors, you can still dress up any space with a wild west motif. Wooden barrels topped with lanterns provide an entrance point to an outdoor wedding while unbleached or neutral linen runners give both a sense of foundation to the wedding space and keep the western theme going down the aisle. To create the perfect place for the couple to say, “I do,” hang more ivory-colored drapery in a tent shape from a tree branch or recycle an old wooden double door and hang the draping material over it for the couple to stand before. Decorative Touches Wildflowers and other more casual flowers such as purple coneflowers, Queen Anne’s lace, snapdragons and roses provide a casual country look to your decorations and bouquets. Create simple centerpieces with them by using galvanized buckets, Moscow Mule mugs or mason jars along with candles and lanterns. For party favors, place mini-tarts that look like tiny pies into small boxes wrapped with twine or a sweet country ribbon.  Of course, it’s still your wedding and if you want cowboy boots and horseshoes, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them. But western chic weddings are no longer bound to such traditional decorations. Feel free to let your imagination run wild… just like your western-themed wedding!  For further assistance, contact a local wedding party catering...

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Rent An Event Tent To Hold A Special Ceremony And Dinner For Your Preschool Class

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Rent an event tent to celebrate the accomplishments of the children who are part of your preschool class. Family members and friends will appreciate the time that you took to share the milestones that each child has achieved. Awards Ceremony Set up one section of the tent to hold an awards ceremony for the children. Place some wooden pallets on the ground and cover them with a carpet or piece of fabric. Stand on this platform and hand out certificates to each child for their personal accomplishments. Certificates for learning how to count, mastering the colors of the rainbow, or learning how to share might be a few of the areas that you would like to address. Make your own certificates or have some printed out by a business. Call up the children one by one to hand out the awards. Arrange rows of chairs in front of the platform for the parents, relatives, and children to sit in as they watch. Special Meal Prepare a special meal for the guests. Place each food item in large bowls or on trays. Set them up on card tables in one of the corners of the tent. Have paper plates and cutlery available for each person to use. Have a trash can in the nearby vicinity. Arrange some small tables and chairs for your guests. Cover the tables with tablecloths and place a simple centerpiece in the middle of each one. Make seating arrangements if you would like each family to have their own personal area to use. Fun Activities Plan some fun activities for everyone to enjoy after they eat. Offer a variety of board games for people to select from. Provide coloring books and blocks for smaller children to use. Set up a couple tables for your guests. Hold a puppet show or magic act for the children to keep them entertained. Even if you do not have a lot of experience performing shows like this, the kids will be amused by your efforts. You can easily perform by standing behind a large crate or box. Play some family friendly music in the background for everyone to enjoy. With careful planning, the awards ceremony and celebration will be a success. The children and their family members and friends will enjoy themselves and share, many memorable moments together. After holding the event, plan one each year to share the accomplishments of the children who are in your care. Talk to experts like Joliet Tent Co for more...

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Atlanta Comic Con: Tips For First Time Visitors

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If you’ve never attended a comic convention, it can be an overwhelming experience. You’ll find a sea of people sprawled out through dozens of rooms and halls, a spectacle that’s really hard to describe accurately. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and attend for the first time, here are few things you should know before you go. Tip #1: Be Open (and Expect to Encounter) Other Fandoms While attendees at Atlanta Comic Con do have a common bond, be aware that there are many, many different fandoms under the “comic con” umbrella. This means you will encounter people from a fandom you don’t like. But understand that their fandom is just as valid as yours, and they’ve got just as much right as you do to be there. Sure, you might think they’re a little weird, but stay open minded and respectful. Nobody loves every single aspect that’s represented. Tip #2: Learn to Be Okay With Lines If there’s one thing people complain most about a comic convention, it’s the lines. But unfortunately, that’s just what happens when you gather several thousand fans in one small space. Expect to wait in lines. Instead of complaining about lines though, learn to love them. A line isn’t the worst thing ever. Take the time to just chat with friends, or make some new friends. After all, you already know you have at least one thing in common. Strike up a conversation, or even break out a board game, card game or handheld video game to help pass the time with your friends. But be sure you know what you’re in line for. You’ll find many lines at Comic Con, and sometimes these lines intersect or wrap around corners. It can get confusing. Make sure you don’t end up waiting in a long line for something you never intended to. Tip #3: The Best Panels Aren’t Always in the Biggest Rooms Panels are a highlight of the convention for many people, and it makes sense that the panels with the most popular stars will be in the biggest rooms. But don’t overlook the smaller panels. Because everyone is attracted to the “main” panels, it could be very easy to miss an excellent panel in a smaller room. Don’t be afraid to forego the bigger panels for a smaller one. You’ll probably find them much easier to get in to as well. Most conventions do not empty rooms after panels, meaning that for bigger panels, fans start filling up the room much earlier in the day. A little knowledge beforehand about what to expect can go a long way towards making your comic con experience a great one. The biggest thing to do in preparation is to be flexible. Keep an open mind and a good attitude, and you may even walk away with an appreciation for a new...

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Capturing The Best Family Photo

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Family pictures are an awesome way to create long lasting memories. These photographs capture the moment, allowing it to never be forgotten. While family photographs are meant to be a fun and exciting experience, some people actually find it quite stressful; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can have a great time taking your family photos and still get a great shot. Be Real Imagine wearing a shoe that’s two sizes too small. The entire time you spend walking around in the shoe will be pure torture. You won’t be satisfied until you take off the shoe and put on one that’s the right size. If you try to display your family as something you’re not, you will have a similar experience during your photo session. The first rule of great family photos is being real. The more comfortable your family, the more genuine the photographs will translate on print. This won’t just ensure that you get a better family photograph, but if you have younger children this will likely make them more tolerant of the session. Whether it’s the location where you have your session performed or your clothing choices, be realistic. The Right Photographer Another component of keeping stress low and still producing great shots is finding the right photographer. While it’s important to check the photographer’s blog, portfolio, website and references, this should only be the first step. You want to ensure the photographer is a good match for your family. For instance, a photographer can have a great body of work, but if they don’t have experience working with a family that has an infant, this can be a challenge. If the photographer becomes agitated or impatient, this will reflect in the quality of your family shots. Take the time to sit down and talk with the photographer and bring your family along. It’s important that you and your family feel comfortable around the photographer and that the photographer is also comfortable around your family. Unique Printing Once you’ve decided on your favorite photograph, consider a unique printing choice. While traditional pictures are a great option, canvas photo prints can turn your memories into artwork. Canvas prints last long and they look great hanging on the wall. Canvas prints turn your family photos into a masterpiece. Your family photos will preserve your memories for generations to come. Enjoy your time and relax for the best family...

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